Clarity Home Phone


Peace of Mind Platform FOR CAREGIVERS,

 ENHANCING Well-being of OLDEr Seniors

ClarityLife-ConnectA breakthrough has arrived for those caring for aging family members that transforms how older seniors connect with and are cared for by their loved ones: Clarity, a division of Plantronics, has launched ClarityLife™—an innovative peace of mind platform delivered through Clarity’s Ensemble home phone.

Designed primarily for seniors living alone, ClarityLife keeps family members and caregivers up-to-date with their older loved one’s activities through social and wellness features including check-ins, medication and appointment notifications, compliance monitoring, and the ability to share social messages, photos and videos that keep seniors engaged.

ClarityLife is a service available on the Ensemble® home amplified phone. The senior user has access to the platform through Ensemble’s tablet display, offering a variety of intelligent features designed to keep older seniors better connected with caregivers and loved ones.

Families today share messages and photos, and many seniors feel isolated if they haven’t adapted to new technology.  ClarityLife changes this by allowing family members to send photos to ClarityLife, which then displays them on Ensemble’s touchscreen display, ultimately turning the home phone into a digital picture frame

Seniors can “Check-In” on the phone every day to let caregivers know they are up and moving. Additionally, caregivers can set medication and appointment reminders to appear on the ClarityLife screen.  If a medication or doctor appointment are forgotten then ClarityLife automatically alerts the caregiver.

ClarityLife is managed remotely by family and caregivers from any computer, tablet or smartphone. It features a sophisticated alert system that can be adjusted or tailored for specific family members, caregivers or home care workers.

For more information, or to purchase the Ensemble home phone with ClarityLife, visit The monthly service starts at $19.99 per month.


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