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By Raj G. Asava

While I am not one of the few who received an Apple Watch to try, show off, and share the experience back with Apple, I am a lucky Dad to receive one from my son.  Let me declare that this watch has given me my life back. It has moved me from living in the virtual world back into the real world. This is one social media tool that allows me to be social while being personable.

Prior to owning the Apple Watch, any time I lost interest in a meeting, or an activity I was engaged in, I would reach out to my iPhone and start checking for messages, emails, Facebook updates, etc.

The Apple Watch has changed all that. From the very first tap I received on my wrist by this gorgeous watch, I realized I am in full control.

The tap feature on the Apple Watch is a fantastic innovation. When a message comes in, it gently taps me on the wrist. I can choose to glance down or continue doing what I am doing. The person across from me will not even realize that I was discreetly notified of a message that had just come in.

On a single screen/glance, I am able to see date, time, local temperature, time at a second location, how I am doing on my physical activity for the day and probably the most important — right there, in the middle of the screen — my next appointment.

I was happy with just these functions and features on my sport watch — and possibly Apple should have just stopped there for this first release. But when I pressed the crown, an entire world of apps was revealed!

The health & fitness app deserves an entire article on the way it intuitively captures real time health data while allowing manual input of data such as vitals (blood pressure, etc.), nutrition, sleep analysis, etc. It alerts you to get up and move around if you have been sedentary for too long.


Without intruding in the way we live our lives, the Apple Watch is helping make it richer, through the intuitive experience it provides; productive, due to the significant number of things we can accomplish right from our wrist; healthier, in the way it provides feedback on our workouts or lack of it. But above all, it is giving us our lives back by allowing us to live our lives naturally while our digital assistant, the Apple Watch, tracks, monitors and, when our attention is needed, gently taps us with a focused message or reminder.

The Apple Watch is positioned to be a quarterback for your digital world  — by just a flick of your wrist.


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