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As the world is becoming more open and connected through social networks, one service is letting people cherish their family and friends through simple, private sharing.

Togethera is a truly private “un-social” network, accessible on the web and through apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. Designed to be super-simple to use for people of all ages and abilities, Togethera offers an easy way for families and close friends to stay connected and share content without the noise and exposure created by social media sites and applications. Unlike other open social networks, there are no publicly discoverable profiles on Togethera: only people who know each other can connect and see each other’s content.

Registered users of Togethera can set up multiple groups for different branches of their families and groups of friends. Togethera’s simple, elegant interface lets members post updates and upload photos and videos, using large input fields and buttons, clear instructions and clutter-free backgrounds.

Togethera is a free app and website. Premium accounts are now available for Androids. Premium accounts for iOS apps will be available in the near future. Check out for more information.

Private, Simple, Family Sharing – Togethera


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