Created to help protect seniors while allowing them to maintain their independence, Evermind is a new technology that detects when electrical appliances — such as coffee makers, televisions or bedside lamps – are switched on and off.

Evermind is based on a simple concept and is easy to install. It’s unique, unobtrusive design uses three sensors that simply plug into wall outlets, and then electrical appliances plug into the sensors. Using built-in wireless Internet, caregivers can receive text messages or email notifications when an appliance is used or not used within a specific time period —primarily when changes in a daily routine could be cause for concern. For example, if an aging grandmother doesn’t turn on the evening news, her grandson will be notified via text and can check on her. No home Internet connection is required, only the ability for the sensor to connect to the Verizon cell network.

“My mother-in-law is very independent, and I respect that,” said Linda, age 70, caregiver to mother-in-law Lois, age 96. “With Evermind, I feel reassured, and I really have peace of mind. Now, when I call her, I can just call her to chat because I already know she’s okay.”

The Evermind system, complete with three sensors is available at evermind.us for $199. After your system arrives, activate monthly service for $29/month. There is no long-term contract, and you can cancel at any time. Visit evermind.us to learn more.


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