ZVOX: A Revolutionary New Technology In Sound


In the past 10 years, TVs have continually gotten thinner, offering great picture quality with new technologies including LCD and LED. However, as TVs get thinner, there is less room to include a full-sized speaker, so most TVs today have speakers facing down or towards the rear, which makes it hard to understand dialogue. Whether watching Brian Williams discuss the news or a favorite sitcom, it is likely that you or someone you know has trouble understanding what is being said.

ZVOX offers a simple solution!

Their SoundBase products sit on top of the entertainment cabinet and allow users to put a TV on top of it so as to not block the remote control sensor on the TV. The system comes with a simple one-page instruction manual and takes one cable to connect to a TV in addition to the power cord. Plug both in and it’s done!

Then sit back and listen to great sound.

ZVOX’s patented AccuVoice technology, activated from the included remote, uses hearing aid technology to help users clearly understand dialogue. Additionally, the Output leveling feature also helps to limit the volume of the commercials, which play louder than a TV show.

The company has numerous models available, depending on the size of the TV. Their newest line is the Platinum Series and can be used with TVs up to 80” wide and offer premium features. For more information and great prices on last years models visit our website: www.zvoxaudio.com.


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