“Its supposed to happen to the other guy, but what happens if I am the other guy?”


G&G Medical Solutions is proud to introduce the latest Life Saving Technology. GGEMT, a Mobile Application – (patent pending), available through the App Store and Google Play, was invented for one reason – the SAVING OF LIVES, by providing immediate medical information to First Responders in the event of a medical emergency.

The App is supported by an interfacing web site and database. The information contained in the supporting database is entered and edited by the app’s user. You are not required to enter any data that you believe would be compromising your identity.

This App is a perfect fit for everyone. Ancillary product packages designed to support the app and fit your lifestyle i.e. Seniors, Students, Team Sports, High Risk Jobs, Travelers, Commercial Trucking, and those requiring Special Needs are also available. This application is functional globally, and will soon be available in Spanish.

For more detailed information, please visit www.ggemermedsolutions.com and view the voice over tutorial. The cost of the App is $1.99 with absolutely no re-occurring charges. It is supported via email that is responded to within 24 hours.


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