Elite Mobile Dental Brings Services to Patients in Their Home Environment By Minnie Payne


According to Rita Rorie of Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas, mobile dental services came into being in 1921 when Dr. N. Talley Ballou utilized his own car in Wise County, Virginia, to visit schools and provide services to 4,803 children. Dr. Margaret Shaw, DDS, decided to introduce Elite Mobile Dental in 2012 by contracting with two Texas licensed dentists, committed to treating anyone in the Dallas area who finds it acceptable to be treated in a home environment. Dr. Danice Couch, a 1984 Baylor College of Dentistry graduate, is the newest member to join our team. While Dr. Shaw has practiced general dentistry for over 22 years and has extensive experience in all areas (except orthodontics), her two mobile dental dentists have 30 years combined experience.

“It’s extremely difficult for some people to receive dental care in a clinical setting, and our Elite Mobile Dental staff is fully trained in all aspects in the latest dental procedures,” explains Kendall Bardin, vice president of operations and sales. “We’re trained in the unique practice of field dentistry and recruit only people who are resourceful and caring in the treatment of patients with special needs and limitations. We are a full-service general dentistry practice that does everything except the extraction of wisdom teeth,” says Bardin. “We do not carry nitrogen gas in the field as it is too difficult, however, we have all numbing anesthetics.”

The largest percentage of mobile dental treatments are cleanings and denture repair/new dentures which take place at 20 independent living/assisted living facilities in the Dallas-Fort WorthMetroplex. Their specialty is memory care patients. A portable dentistry unit, complete with chair and x-ray systems are brought directly into your home or living facility, allowing your dentist to perform most common procedures available at a traditional dental office. Currently, individual house calls are not covered under Medicaid or Medicare, although all dental insurance plans and private pay are accepted.

During the exam, your dentist evaluates the bite and jaw for TMJ problems, often associated with jaw pain, headaches and snoring. A unique mouthpiece created for the patient can alleviate this condition. Low dose x-rays are used in examining for periodontal disease, cavities, or other dental conditions, allowing your dentist to determine a treatment plan tailored specifically for you or your family member. Because safety and infection control is of utmost importance, instruments are disposable or otherwise sterilized. All government standards, including safe water, are exceeded.

You or your loved one will receive exceptional personalized dental care without leaving your home or place of residence. Because the goal is to develop long-lasting and comfortable relationships, our staff listens intently and excels at providing superb customer service. State-of-the-art technology is utilized and the staff works with you or your caregiver in customizing a dental treatment plan. Oral cancer is also screened at every examination appointment.

Connie Grant, wife of Elite Mobile Dental patient Harold Grant, says that their experience with Elite Mobile Dental was a positive one.“The service Harold received was very caring and thorough,” she says. “They were understanding of Harold’s condition and position.”


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