Reading with Your Grandkids


By: Heidi Frankel

Happy New Year! It’s time to cuddle up and enjoy reading a good book with your grandkids.

My Heritage Book

Written by: Deanna Bufo Novak

Age: 5 years and up

My Heritage Book is truly a one-of-a-kind keepsake that the whole family will enjoy reading together. It is a personalized children’s book that takes families on a wonderful journey into their past while exploring their own special origins. Children can find out who they are and where they come from. It is a special book to bond with your grandkids.  See more at:

Angelina Ballerina

A Dance of Friendship

Age 3-5 years

Angelina is excited when her friend Anya comes to stay with her from another country. But when Anya begins to get all of the attention Angelina feels a little unhappy and resentful.  Will Angelina overcome her feelings of jealousy and save her friendship? This is a great story to help your grandkids learn about friendship and life lessons.

Smithsonian Sticker Creations UNDER the SEA

Age: 6 and up

Smithsonian Sticker Creations: Under the Sea will engage young readers with an innovative, hands-on approach to learning.  You and your grandkids will embark on a fun underwater adventure to learn about life beneath the waves. Each book presents kid-friendly facts and lets your grandkids explore the amazing diversity of the sea with more than 175 reusable stickers and 5 oversized deluxe stickers. Your grandkids can create their own underwater scene by placing stickers in the removable framed ocean scene. The beautifully illustrated activity book gives young ocean explorers a creative opportunity to learn about all types of incredible sea creatures!

Edible Science

Written by: Jodi Wheeler-Toppin

Age: 8-12 years

Grab a beaker, pick up your whisk, and get ready to cook up some solid science with your grandkids. Using food as your tools (or ingredients!) curious kids become spicy scientists that measure, weigh, combine, and craft their way through the kitchen. Discover dozens of thoroughly tested, fun, edible and educational experiments, like purple cookies (yum) where you test pH indicators or mix up salad dressing and learn about emulsifiers. Edible Science is sprinkled with helpful photos, diagrams, scientific facts and more. The best news is, when you and your grandkids are done with your mad-science cooking; you can grab a spoon and eat all that you have learned!

Grand Times

Games Your Grandkids Will Enjoy with YOU

Monkeys Up™

Ages: 6 to adult

Players: 1-6

Monkeys Up™ will have you going bananas! Players compete to get the best score by flipping, switching, and stealing monkeys. Each monkey has a value hidden under its feet that is only revealed when flipped. Victory will come to the player who switches, steals, and flips the best. You and your grandkids will have more fun then a “barrel of monkeys!”  This is a great game to enhance memory and strategy.

Crazy Legs Board Game

Ages: 8 to adult

CRAZY LEGS gets players up and moving. Each space on the game board represents a new physical challenge for you, your grandkids and the whole family to jump, twist, shake and exercise their way to victory! What a great way to get your exercise in a fun way with your family.


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