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It’s summertime and the living is easy. Take advantage of these lazy, hazy days of summer and introduce your grandkids to stories of friendship, growing up and sweet slumbers by reading with them as often as you can.


TOUCHED BY A STAR Written by: Christie Matheson

Bedtime becomes magical with this delightful picture book. Each page encourages children to whisper to the moon, pat the deer, and dot the sky with stars, making each nightly reading a new adventure. Children can press gently on a firefly and turn the page to find it alight, or call out “Whoo! Whoo!” and watch the owls appear before rubbing their heads and sending them off to bed.  Matheson’s beautiful watercolor-and-collage illustrations are in soothing colors paired with a rhythmic verse that will lull your grandkids into a peaceful sleep




FREDWritten and illustrated by: Kaila Eunhye Seo


Meet Fred – a boy quite different from everyone else – Fred’s days are filled with fantastical friends that make him so happy he doesn’t care that no one else but he can see them.  However, as Fred grows older, his imaginary friends start to fade, leaving an emptiness in his heart that he can’t shake. Fortunately, a chance meeting with a little girl reminds him that magic never really leaves us, as long as we believe. Fred is an uplifting tale about the endless power of a child’s imagination. Seo’s pen and ink illustrations cleverly show how Fred brings color to his black-and-white world in the form of friendly monsters. In this age of technology Fred shows young readers their own imagination is still the best form of entertainment.





Illustrated By; Alex Latimer


Once there was a famous ball player, making lots of money, but he wasn’t happy, something was missing, until he goes to the zoo and sees the walrus making funny noises and flapping his flippers in glee. The baseball player decides he wants the walrus in his life. This begins a beautiful friendship. But trouble arises when he quits his job to spend more time with his new best friend. What does he do without any money? Does he find a way to stay with his friend? This is a wonderful tale of friendship and the joy that caring for someone brings.






WITH A FRIEND BY YOUR SIDEWritten by: Barbara Kerley


Somewhere in a crowd is someone who likes the same things you do – and so begins this inspirational book that prepares children for the world beyond their own families. The incredible photographs are paired with poetic text that will encourage imaginative play, help develop skills essential to their social and communicative development and create a sense of belonging and security. I promise after you finish this book you and your grandkids will give each other one extra hug! At the end of the book a comprehensive afterword details the backstories of the photos, which feature children and animals from around the world.


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