Waffles or pancakes; pancakes or waffles? That is the question!  A little ironic that when used as a verb, waffle means, “to be indecisive.” Who can pass up the prospect of a crisp golden waffle with square pockets to hold all of the hot syrup and melting butter?  And what’s the difference between the two anyway? Surprisingly there is plenty. Both pancakes and waffles have been around for a very long time. Waffles are tied to iron plating in which to cook on. The predecessor to our modern waffle was the communion wafer with thin plates and intricate designs more than 1,000 years ago. These batters were made with flour, egg and white wine. Many say you can use a pancake batter to make waffles.  It is true that you can, but a true waffle batter will have more fat, sugar and be crispier than a pancake batter. What we call a Belgian waffle derives from an American born Bel-Gem waffle and is similar to waffles found overseas. Try this savory-sweet version below to WOW the taste buds of you, your family and friends!


WafflesPic Sept.Oct20171 ½ cup flour

2 tsp      baking powder

½ tsp     baking soda

½ tsp     salt

½ tsp     pepper

3 tblsp   sugar

4 tblsp   butter, melted, cooled slightly

2 cups   buttermilk

3 each   eggs

1 ½ cup ham, small diced cubes

1 cup     cheddar, shredded

Apple flavored syrup as needed

If making your own batter seems daunting try a dry mix version you can make at home. Look for buttermilk as an ingredient and you should be fine. Skip to cooking the waffle.

Pre-heat the waffle iron.

Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl twice its size. Omit ham and cheese until cooking.

Whisk eggs thoroughly and combine remaining wet ingredients to egg mixture.

Gently mix wet ingredients “to dry” just until combined.

Follow oiling instructions per waffle maker.

Spread a thin layer of batter on iron.

Evenly sprinkle a quarter of diced ham and shredded cheese over                                                                          batter. Top with another thin layer of batter.

Close iron and cook per to a golden brown with batter cooked                                                                                through.

I like to serve mine with apple syrup if you can find it or mix a                                                                                reduction of apple juice with any syrup. Garnish with sliced apples


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