SpaceCat PosterUseThis1Creative team: Texas’ two ol’ retired guys
Author: JDarrell Kirkley
Illustrated by:  Michael Baldwin
Ages: 8 years and up

While spending the summer with their grandparent’s, cousins Emma and Riley make friends with Star… a Space Cat.  Star promises the children an adventure, but a space ship is nowhere to be found… or so they think.

After the trio climbs into granddads old car it is magically transformed into Star’s spaceship, Whisker. Star takes the children on an journey to the Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto You and your grandkids will enjoy the ride as you learn about the solar system and how it works. You will be amazed how much fun it can be exploring outer space with two kids and a Space Cat.


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