Fall is here and what better way to bring back child hood memories than to knock out a batch of peanut brittle. No one could make it like Grandma did but this recipe is pretty darn close and it is so easy to make with just a ten minute prep time. You and your grandkids will make it more times than you can imagine. Peanuts are versatile and packed with more protein than some meat, so this snack must be good for you, right? As a kid I always thought peanuts hung from some tree in the South just waiting to be picked. It wasn’t until much later that I learned that they actually grow underground and are not nuts but seeds! Turns out they are pretty easy to grow inside if you want an activity to do with your little ones, Google—Growing a peanut plant from seed.


1 cup                     white sugar

½ cup                   light corn syrup

1/8 tsp                  salt

1 ½ cup                honey roasted peanuts

1 tbsp.                   unsalted butter, room temp

1 tsp                       vanilla butter & nut flavoring

1 tsp                       baking soda


I recommend using a thick Pyrex type bowl and a thick high heat spatula for this recipe. Also, have all of your ingredients out and pre-measured because you will be working quickly.

Mix sugar, corn syrup and salt in your bowl. Cover with film and microwave for five minutes straight.

Remove mixture from microwave and add peanuts, stir until all is mixed well. Microwave for another three minutes.

Mixture should be a light brown. If not, microwave in 30- second intervals until it has become the desired light brown color.

Carefully stir in butter and flavoring (more traditional recipes add vanilla extract instead of flavoring but I like the buttery taste) just until incorporated.

Quickly add in baking soda and stir. This will cause a foaming action that will add air to your mixture. Do not over stir.

Spread onto a buttered surface, like a cookie sheet or marble slab. Mixture should spread itself into the right thickness. Use a spatula if you would like it thinner. Let brittle cool completely and then break into chunks and enjoy!


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