Grand Times Cooking With Your Grand Kids


By: Chef Travis Wicks

Picnic – noun. An outing from yesteryear that involves preparing and enjoying a meal for consumption in an outdoor space, usually away from home, in a park amongst fresh air and pesky ants. Far from any computers or a television.

Far from fast food, picnics are the epitome of a meal to go. And they just don’t happen like they used to. And I want to change that. The weather is warming up and I encourage you to help me bring back this tradition and why not start with updating a classic like the southern staple pimento and cheese otherwise known as the “caviar of the south.


PimentoChs Sandwich3/4 cup                 sharp cheddar cheese block, grated by hand½ puck                  Boursin cream cheese

2 tblspns              Miracle Whip mayo

2 tsp                      sour cream

1 tsp                      Dijon mustard

¼ cup                    roasted red peppers, diced

¼ tsp                     white pepper or black

¼ tsp                     onion powder

¼ tsp                     celery salt

As needed          potato or brioche bread

As needed          maple bacon slices

As needed          olives or pickles for garnish

Purchase the best sharp cheese you can find. As the main ingredient it makes a difference. I recommend Cracker Barrel or Tillamook. Buy it in block form so you can grate it. Pre-shredded cheese is covered in anti-caking agents, which are just gross.

Start by pulling all of your ingredients out of the fridge. This will allow the cream cheese to soften and be easier to work with.

Mix dry ingredients, roasted red peppers, diced white pepper or black onion powder, onion powder and celery salt with mayonnaise, mustard and sour cream.

Use Miracle Whip mayo because its sweetness will balance   out the sharpness of the cheese.

Add the grated cheese and Boursin cream cheese and stir until      all ingredients are mixed evenly.

Lastly, add the diced pimientos and mix until evenly distributed.

Spread on toasted bread with bacon and garnish with olives or pickles if you like.

For a special treat use this in place of sliced cheese for a unique grilled cheese sandwich!


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