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NoYetiYetCVRNo Yeti Yet

Written and Illustrated by: Mary Ann Fraser

Ages 4-8

On a wintry day two brothers set out on an adventure to find a yeti. As they sled and skate and explore a cave, unwittingly helped along the way by the yeti they are looking for, questions abound from the younger brother— Have you seen a yeti? Is a Yeti strong? Can a yeti run fast? All answered confidently by his older brother. Your grandkids will love trying to spy the yeti as the brothers go on their quest. When the boys come face-to face with the big furry white creature an unexpected twist happens.

No Yeti Yet is a wonderfully fun book that presents the unique loving relationship between an older and younger sibling and will engage young readers over and over again.

50 States. Nov

Young Explorers: 50 States

Fact Book and Floor Puzzle

Written by: Ruth Strother

Illustrated by: Sara Lynn Cramp

Age: 6 and up

Travel across the country, without even leaving your home and learn about what makes our nation great. Young Explorers: 50 States is full of Information on state birds, animals and flowers, famous state residents and fun facts.  Your grandkids will have fun, with your help, assembling the 130-piece puzzle of the United States and the delightfully illustrated puzzle and map will give kids the opportunity to learn more about the 50 states and basic geography along with finding the answers to such questions as:

  • Which state flag was designed by a thirteen-year-old?
  • Which state lets mmmmmmmmmmm

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