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Curl up with your grand kids and create a special memory as you read about an owl that loves poetry and the adventures of a windy day. Learn how things grow and go on an unexpected creepy carrot journey.

Written and Illustrated by: Vern Kousky

Ages – 5 – 8

Otto is different—he likes to read poetry.  Usually this would not be a problem, but Otto, you see, is an Owl. When the other owls tease little Otto, he wonders, “What could possibly be wrong with poetry?” So he decides to run away—unaware that a group of little mice are following him. As the moon guides him, Otto recites his very own poem to the moon. His followers enjoy Otto’s poem so much they ask for more. Follow Otto as he finds his inner poet and friends that accept him for who he is. This charming book celebrates courage and the importance of sticking to your passion and includes a mix of original and famous poetry.

Written by: Linda Booth Sweeney

Illustrated by: Jana Christy

Age 3 – 5

When the wind blows and clouds race across the sky, one little guy and his grandma know exactly what to do—grab a kite!

But as their kite flies across the sky, the wind picks up even more, and soon they are chasing the runaway kite. As they pass swirling leaves, scattering seeds, bobbing boats, and flapping scarves, they giggle and have fun. But the sky darkens and thunder booms. Rain is on the way! Can they get home before the downpour?  The illustrated scenes are rich with color and lyrical verse that captures the unpredictable mood of the weather and makes you look forward to each page.

Written and Illustrated by: Eric Carle

Age: 3 – 5

In this engaging lift the flap picture book, a tadpole becomes a frog, an acorn becomes an oak tree, and a green caterpillar becomes a beautiful butterfly.  By lifting the big, sturdy flaps, your grand kids will discover the world around them and how things grow.  Eric Carle’s bright, colorful illustrations pop off the pages all to enjoy.


Written by: Aaron Reynolds

Illustrated by: Peter Brown

Ages: 4 – 8

Jasper Rabbit loves carrots—he has developed the bad habit of snatching the fat, crispy, yummy carrots every time he passes through Crackenhopper Field. That is until they start following him wherever he goes… but are they really? Or is Jasper’s imagination getting the best of him? Creepy Carrots is not too scary but a fun read for the spooky holiday. Peter Brown’s excellent illustrations in black, white and grey, with touches of orange for the carrots, add to the mood of the story.  Watch out, the twist at the end will keep you and your grand kids laughing.


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