Grand Times: Reading With Your Grandkids


By Angela Henderson

Help your grandkids celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day with a special book for their Mom and Dad.    The relatable stories and pictures will highlight the grand times between parents and children that will make these holidays even more special.

LadybugGirland HerMama Ladybug Girl and Her Mama
by David Somar and Jacky Davis

Ladybug Girl plans out a full, fun day for Mama. Digging in the garden, eating out for lunch, watching an afternoon movie, picking up ingredients at the grocery store to bake banana bread, and walking their dog, a rather ordinary day turns into many special moments . . . because they are doing everything together.


KnitTogether. MomDayBk Knit Together
by Angela Dominguez
When a little girl tries to knit like her mom, she realizes it’s harder than it looks. But, when they combine their creativity and talent, they end up with a lovely piece of art to wear. They sit by the ocean with their new blanket covering their shoulders and enjoy the day together.


SpotLovesHis DaddySpot Loves His Daddy
By Eric Hill
“Spot is happy. He and his daddy are spending the whole day together.” Isn’t that the essence of Father’s Day? Playing soccer, flying a kite, feeding ducks, eating ice cream, reading a bedtime story all become magical for one reason . . . They are all done with Dad.


My Father JKT_3P.inddMy Father is Taller than a Tree
By Josepth Bruchac, Illustrated by Wendy Anderson Halperin
“Pop doesn’t need to buy me stuff. Just being with him is enough.”
Halperin illustrates Dads and sons from all different cultures doing very simple, fun activities—just father and son. Written in couplets, this rhyming picture book encourages dads to keep investing into the next generation. “When I grow up and have a kid, we’ll do all the things that Dad and I did.”

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