Grand Times: Cooking with Your Grand Kids   


Chef Travis Wick

Travis'Mom DaughterSponge Bob Square Pants and I share alike principles in cooking.  If you make something, make it the best something it could ever be. You don’t have to be great at everything to be remembered, but I guarantee if you make something great, something ordinarily unremarkable and turn it into the best thing (sandwich) your grand kids have ever eaten, you will be spoken of as a Grand Parent legend.

Take the classic PB&J. It is beloved by many.  Here is a way to not only enhance its flavor but also make it more nutritious by adding fruit.  Your grandkids will never eat another PB&J anywhere else but at your house.  And they will pass this recipe to their kids and grandkids and tell the story of how they used to sit in the kitchen eagerly anticipating this tantalizing treat with their favorite Grand Parent –YOU


While preparing your ingredients heat a sauté pan or flat top griddle to medium heat.

Mix butter and cinnamon and set aside.

Mix peanut butter, chocolate and honey , set aside.

Once pan is hot, spread half of the butter mixture onto a slice of bread and place butter side down in the pan.

Add marmalade onto the slice of bread (I find the back of a spoon makes for a great spreader at this angle). Then place strawberries and banana slices on top of the marmalade. The banana will probably hang off the sides, this is ok.

Spread peanut butter mixture on the remaining slice of bread, place on top of your sandwich.

Spread remaining butter mixture on the top slice of bread. When the bottom slice of bread has reached a golden brown in color and is slightly crisp, which usually takes from 2-3 minutes, it is time to flip your sandwich.

Finish cooking the other side for the same desired degree of doneness.

Remove from pan and let cool for two minutes before slicing in half and serving with a glass of milk.


Chef Travis


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