Grand Times: Reading with your Grand Kids


Easter and Passover are both in early April this year. One of the best ways to celebrate these special holidays with your grand kids is sharing a good book together.  The pictures and stories will stay with them long after the holiday is over and the bond you make through reading with your grand kids will remain in their heart and memory forever.  Here are a few books to help you celebrate.

TheNight B4EasterThe Night Before Easter by Natasha Wing, Illustrated by Kathy Couri

“Twas the night before Easter, just before dawn, not a creature was stirring out on the lawn.”  The Easter Bunny takes center stage in this delightful spin on a beloved poem that will send families hopping to the bookstore for an Easter story treat sweeter then any sugarplum! In this version of Clement Moore’s classic poem, two siblings witness the nighttime arrival of the Easter Bunny

MyFirst EasterMy First Easter, by Tomie dePaola – Board Book

The importance of family and sharing are beautifully shown in this board book all about Easter celebrations. Tomie dePaola’s bright illustrations and easy-to-follow text explain the traditions associated with this special holiday.

The Great Easter Egg Hunt, Written and Illustrated by Michael Garland

With its suspenseful treasure-hunt plot, this magical picture book set in the land of the Easter bunnies offers more than 200 hidden objects to find, puzzles to solve, and intriguing clues that lead to a surprise ending-a meeting with the Great Easter Bunny himself!

When Tommy receives an invitation from his eccentric Aunt Jeanne, he immediately sets out to find her, but he discovers instead the Easter egg factory, a wild jelly bean machine, the place where chocolate bunnies are created, and much more. Brimming with extravagant detail, Michael Garland’s bright illustrations will keep eagle-eyed readers busy for a long time after the last fuzzy chick is found and the last puzzle solved.

My First PassoverMy First Passover Seder, Written and Illustrated by Tomie dePaola – Board Book

Passover is a time for families and friends to celebrate their faith and shared history. Tomie dePaola’s simple text and beautiful illustrations provide insight into this special holiday for young readers.

The Passover Seder, Written and Illustrated by Emily Sper

Touch, turn, open, and learn! This lively interactive guide to Passover seder is a perfect introduction for children. Emily Sper is also the author-illustrator

There’s no other book like this in the marketplace! Along with a simple retelling of the Passover story, this novelty book takes readers through a hands-on seder experience. Open a Hagaddah; turn a seder plate to match symbolic foods; lift the napkin and “break” the middle matzah; touch matzah, parsley and a pillow; pour drops of wine to symbolize the ten plagues; help the Jews cross the Red Sea; search for the hidden afikomen; and open the door to welcome Elijah the


Miriams Cup by Fran Manushkin

It’s Passover at the Pinsky home. Before the seder, Mama tells a very important story to Elijah and Miriam– how the Jewish people were led out of Egypt by Moses. But this year, Mama includes another part to the story: the part about Miriam, Moses’s sister. It was Miriam who watched over her baby brother in the bulrushes, who led the women in song when crossing the Red Sea, and who kept the Israelites alive in the desert with water from her miraculous well. This beautifully illustrated, deeply spiritual book celebrates a beloved prophet and reminds us of the magic of holidays and remembrance.


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