Fostering Meaningful Relationships Between Generations



studen-senior-photoHow many teenagers do you know that want to spend their free time volunteering to make a difference in the lives of seniors?

Well that’s exactly what a group of students from Reedy High School did one day in November. The students volunteered to spend time with the senior residents at Mustang Creek Estates of Frisco, an assisted living and memory care neighborhood, to engage with and learn from seniors they wouldn’t normally meet.

The students have been getting to know the seniors through various group events and recently teamed up with them during the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. They even write letters back and forth as pen pals to connect on a more personal level.

Each time the students meet with their “senior friends” they further strengthen their relationship and show how active seniors in the Frisco area hope to interact with young adults and help prepare them for the future.

By joining generations, the students’ and seniors’ lives are enhanced and all involved experience a sense of importance and joy.

This heartwarming get together truly inspires us all to think about unique ways to give back.


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