Books of Interest: Unretirement


How Baby Boomers Are Changing the Way We Think About Work, Community, and the Good Life
Written by: Chris Farrell

America as a whole is aging along with the Baby Boomer generation, and the possibility of social security depletion has the public so panicked that reports of increased life expectancy are greeted with stress and worry instead of celebration.

In his new book, Chris Farrell offers a hopeful and profound counter argument. Retirement as we know it, a term associated with not working and contributing to society, was a brief historic anomaly.  People have always found fulfillment in work and community, and the boomers, expected to live longer and in better health than any other generation before, also are poised to redefine post-career expectations.

This new phenomenon of unretirement finds boomers extending their working lives as entrepreneurs and volunteers. They are expected resources of wisdom, experience and earnings. While demographic doomsayers lament the graying of America, Farrell argues that the seismic shift coming in the economy will benefit the workplace and enrich our society. Filled with personal advice and exciting new insights, UNRETIREMENT is a vital roadmap to workers of all ages who want to adapt from the work-then-retire mindset.


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