Do you love Chocolate?


Consider these facts to justify giving in to your sweet tooth

n Stearic acid,
which is the main
saturated fat in
chocolate, does
not raise blood
cholesterol levels.
a study where
subjects ate a
1.4-ounce chocolate bar instead of a high-carbohydrate snack found that the chocolate bar did not raise low-density lipoprotein levels (LDL or “bad cholesterol”), but did increase high-density lipoprotein levels (hDL or “good cholesterol”).

n Solid chocolate is a major source of copper and magnesium. Copper helps the body use iron and aids in the development of connective tissue, blood vessels, and skin.

n Candy alone does not cause cavities. Susceptible teeth, dental plaque, and food cause cavities. Cocoa and chocolate actually have the ability
to offset the acid- producing potential of the sugar they contain. Milk chocolate is high calcium, phosphate in protein,
and other minerals, which have protective effects on tooth enamel.

It is important to remember that chocolate is at the tip of the
food guide pyramid along with fats, oils, and sweets. Eating a chocolate bar will not necessarily make you fat, but chocolate treats should be balanced with other food choices throughout the day.

So go ahead indulge. You’ll feel better after you do.


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